Alpha Island of Midnight Ocean
Large island in Diamond Archipelago
Controlled by Vilya
Governed by Demeter
Navy color: Tan

Alpha Island is a large island serves as the capital of Diamond archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Oyster Island, Byrne Island, Cnossos Island, and Turtle Island. There is also a route to Winter Solstice although no charts presently exist.

Natural Resources Edit

This island, along with Endurance Island, does not spawn commodities. The market buys diamond gems.

Buildings Edit

Primary Colors (bazaar)
Dye for Hue
Hues on First (upgraded)
The Potion Blue (upgraded)
Alpha Savings and Loan (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Alpha Market (upgraded)
First Draughts (bazaar)
Beware of Grog (upgraded)
Restless Spirits (upgraded)
Swill 'er Up (upgraded)
Estate agent 
Alpha Surrealtors (upgraded)
The Salty Dog (upgraded)
Iron monger 
Smelter Shelter (bazaar)
All Things Metal (upgraded)
Cash and Parry
The Cutting Edge (upgraded)
What a Steel (upgraded)
Alpha Palace (upgraded)
Whole Sail (bazaar)
Berth of a Sailsman
Even Keeled (upgraded)
Ship-shape Ship Shop (upgraded)
Rags to Britches (bazaar)
Apparel Barrel (upgraded)
Bandana Republic (upgraded)
Haute Couture (upgraded)
Top Spinners (bazaar)
Bob and Weave (upgraded)
Cloth for Sail (upgraded)
Knotty but Nice (upgraded)
Ripping Yarns

Government Edit

Alpha is ruled by Vilya. Like Epsilon Island, Alpha is reserved for event blockades.

History Edit

Alpha Island has long been the bustling trade center and favorite place to docktart. Alpha is the capital of the Diamond Archipelago, and is located in the center of it.

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