The Boochin Katfish, from the beginning have always been a goals oriented, but not goals driven flag. We very much understand that this is a game that we pay to play. In our experiences with the game, and watching other great flags fall, we know that the only way to succeed in the game is to have fun. When the game is not fun anymore, it's time to start playing a different game. There is no pressure in this flag to be anything but the pirate that you want to be.

We are not the most powerful, biggest, richest, or most talked about flag in the game. That is perfect for us. We don't seek out any of those things. What we are, is happy to sail with each other, play cards with each other, and challenge each other in fun ways. Play the game and have fun doing it. Sail, swordfight, play cards, do whatever it is that you like to do. If you find a home in the Katfish, you will only be asked to do the things that the founding members are, and that is to have fun. All are treated, and respected equally within the flag.

Come and be a part of our favorite flag in the Ocean.

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