This fine crew is 'ruled' by the fine Captain Pixieboot. Its Senior Officers are Faroose, Dovekey, Taconizer, Steinhauser, Rorym and Tuathal.

The crew was found by Kivo on the 30th of January 2004. After Kivo quit the game, it was handed over to Faroose. However, his life absorbed his playing time so he handed over the crew to Pixieboot, who is still the captain. In the crew are a lot of old members, some of which can't play a lot or have quit the game. However, the crew continues getting new, fresh members. The crew itself is pretty weird, and you could actually call everybody in it weird. But that's what makes the crew one big happy family.

The crew is part of the flag Seraph's Nightmare. The crew has now Eminent fame and has the rank of Scroundels in PvP.

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