Clothing consists of all the tradable items purchased at a tailor. It is probably the most distinguishing difference between players' characters. Clothing is often the first thing a new player purchases. There are no limits to how much clothing a pirate can carry on them at a time. Depending on the labor and commodities required to make a product, it will decay at different rates.

There are also various clothing items which are awarded for achieving particular navy ranks.

Restrictions Edit

On subscription oceans, much of the clothing available can only be worn by subscribers.

Available to non-subscribers on subscription oceans
Female Male
Bandana Bandana
Feathered hat Pants
Patched pants Patched pants
Plain knickers Plain shirt
Plain shirt Rags (legs and torso)
Rags (legs and torso) Shirt with sash
Scarf Sleeping hat
Shirt with belt Striped shirt
Sleeping hat Stripy knickers
Striped shirt
Striped shirt with vest
Stripy knickers

On both subscriber and doubloon oceans, there are several items that can only be worn by those who have earned a trophy for Illustrious reputation, or that can only be worn by box buyers, or is restricted by either crew or flag rank. For items requiring crew rank, the wearer must also have the appropriate badge on doubloon oceans, or on subscriber oceans, a subscription.

Officers or above only
  • Captain's hat (male and female)
  • Captain's bandana hat (male and female)
  • Feathered hat (male)
Royalty only
  • Crown (male)
  • Tiara (female)
Illustrious reputation trophy only
  • Notorious corsair's coat (male and female)
  • Notorious corsair's hat (male and female)
Box buyers only

Finally, it is not possible to wear clothing meant for the opposite sex. If you are carrying such clothing on you, it will be in the "Miscellaneous" section of your booty panel.

Colors Edit

Main article: Clothing palette

Most clothing items are available in a variety of colors. They usually have a primary color, and many also have a secondary color. These are in addition in any basic colors that are not adjustable. For example, a part of the captain's hat is always white.

There are numerous possibilities for the primary and secondary colors. All of them are available from tailors except for atlantean, indigo, night blue and colors only used in promotions. For details see: color.

Some items with black, gold, and purple will have additional doubloon costs. For more information on which items fall within this category, please see the additional doubloon costs table.

Clothing, psychology and swordfighting Edit

Wearing expensive clothing is one of the most common forms of conspicuous consumption in the game. Black clothing is particularly valued in this context as it is both a fashionable color and extremely expensive compared to almost any other color. Gold clothing is often even more expensive, but some consider the dark-yellow fabric to be less attractive than black.

In multiplayer puzzles, including the swordfighting section of sea battles, the hat/bandana is the only visible piece of clothing. One can attempt to intimidate other players/teams by wearing an unusually expensive hat. In brawls, wearing a particularly noticeable hat may cause the other team to target you first.

Historical notes Edit

  • Originally, when clothing dusted, it would only form rags in red, blue, white and tan. Rags of other colors existed, but were only created as prizes for Ocean Master-sponsored events and could not be acquired otherwise. With release 2005-10-20, rags were generated based on the primary color of the clothing that dusted when they were generated. A few bugs with striped clothing were ironed out in the next few releases.
  • With release 2007-09-04, the Atlantean helmet and other atlantean-colored clothing items were introduced. These items can only be acquired via Atlantis treasure chests and always come in "new" condition. Additionally, standard clothing items are frequently awarded via treasure chests, although always with only ten days remaining before they dust or turn to rags.
  • With release 2008-11-19, the color indigo was introduced with the release of Cursed Isles. Indigo clothing can only be acquired via Cursed Isles treasure chests and always come in "new" condition. The treasure chests in Cursed Isles also contained three new types of hats: Enlightened Mask, High enlightened mask and Enthralled mask.
  • With release 2010-08-24, the night blue color was introduced with Haunted Seas. Clothing of this color can only be acquired via Haunted Seas treasure chests and always come in "new" condition.
Icon tailor Clothing
Male clothing
Hats Atlantean helmet | Bandana | Berserker pelt | Buccaneer hat | Captain's bandana hat | Captain's hat | Cockade hat | Conquistador | Crown | Diving helmet | Enlightened mask | Feathered hat | Fez | Funny glasses | High enlightened mask | Laurel of Triumph | Musketeer hat | Notorious corsair's hat | Overlord helmet | Savvy hat | Shako | Sleeping hat | Tricorne | Turban | Viking helmet | Wig
Torso Apron | Bandolier jacket | Belt and bracers | Cape | Captain's jacket | Chainmail | Conquistador armor | Frilly shirt with sash | Jerkin | Notorious corsair's coat | Plain shirt | Rag shirt | Shirt with sash | Striped shirt | Striped shirt with vest | Swashbuckler's jacket | Vampire raiment | Vest with sash
Legs Kilt | Loose pants with sash | Pantaloons | Pants | Patched pants | Rag pants | Stripy knickers
Feet Boots | Boots with gaiters | Buckle shoes | Curled boots | Fancy boots
Female clothing
Hats Atlantean helmet | Bandana | Berserker pelt | Buccaneer hat | Captain's bandana hat | Captain's hat | Cockade hat | Diving helmet | Enlightened mask | Feathered hat | Funny glasses | High enlightened mask | Laurel | Laurel of Triumph | Muffin hat | Notorious corsair's hat | Ornate headdress | Savvy hat | Scarf | Shako | Sleeping hat | Tiara | Tricorne | Valkyrie helmet | Veil | Viking helmet | Wide-brimmed hat | Wig
Torso Apron | Bodice | Buccaneer jacket | Captain's jacket | Chainmail | Corset | Dress top | Epaulet jacket | Frilly shirt with sash | Midriff blouse with scarf | Notorious corsair's coat | Plain shirt | Rag shirt | Shirt with belt | Striped shirt | Striped shirt with vest | Tabard | Tudor bodice | Vampire raiment | Vest and scarf
Legs Bloomers | Flare pants | Gown | Long dress bottom | Patched pants | Plain knickers | Rag skirt | Short dress bottom | Stripy knickers | Wrap
Feet Boots | Buckle shoes | Curled slippers | Fancy boots
Special event clothing
Mask | Christmas hat
See also: Tailor | Tailoring puzzle | Portrait clothing

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