Cnossos Island of Midnight Ocean
Large island in Diamond Archipelago
Controlled by Sexi Stars Flag
Governed by Sexilord
Navy color: Grey

Cnossos Island is a large island located in the Diamond archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Winter Solstice, Alpha Island, Turtle Island, and an inter-archipelago route to Guava Island in the Emerald archipelago.

Natural Resources Edit

The island spawns stone, tellurium, and serandite. These resources can be bid on at the market.

Buildings Edit

The Madderinth (bazaar)
Contracting Iris (upgraded)
Oh, Dye? See Us! (upgraded)
Repaint And Thin No More
Moneytaur (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Chu Chu Market (upgraded)
Marathon Rum (bazaar)
Fearless Liters (upgraded)
Glub Glub Glub (upgraded)
Hera and Baccae Again
Stillin' the Maize (upgraded)
Estate agent 
Revolutionary Realtors (upgraded)
Icarus on the Rocks
The Rub-A-Dub Pub
Scallywag Syndicate Memorial
Iron monger 
Ares Armory (bazaar)
Bull Cannon (upgraded)
Cretan Cannons (upgraded)
Crete Balls of Fire
Troy Swords (upgraded)
A Thousand Ships Ahoy (bazaar)
Anchor Management (upgraded)
Charon's Ferries
Cheaper Buy the Galleon (upgraded)
Styx and Stones (under construction)
The Trojan Oar
Aphrodite's Secret (bazaar)
Crazy Oeddie's Toga Emporium (upgraded)
House of Black
Keep Your Pantheon
Oedipus Racks (upgraded)
Midas Well Weave (bazaar)
Achilles Wheel (upgraded)
Argoknot (upgraded)
Counted Cross Styx (upgraded)
Golden Fleece
Hercuweaves (upgraded)
Pandora's Knots (upgraded)

Government Edit

Cnossos is currently ruled by Sexi Stars Flag.

History Edit

Cnossos I — 2004-5-21, Black Sails wins the first blockade of Cnossos in ten rounds, besting contender Equinox.

Cnossos II — 2004-10-29, upset about the destruction of commodities and excessive shoppe placement with Dolzar as governor, Scallywag Syndicate blockades Cnossos, but loses in seven rounds. The blockade was sinking.

Cnossos III — 2004-11-06, Scallywag Syndicate tries a second time to take Cnossos; they succeed in eight rounds. It is the first time a large island has been lost by a defender.

Cnossos IV — 2005-03-19, Harbingers declares a blockade on Cnossos, but loses in three rounds.

Scallywag Syndicate announces a raffle of Cnossos — 2005-03-21.

Scuppering Seven Seas wins the raffle and takes control of Cnossos — 2005-03-29.

Cnossos V — 2005-04-09, upset by extreme taxation imposed by Scupperer as governor, Raptus Regaliter blockades Cnossos. Aided by Scallywag Syndicate and Notorious Fandango, Cnossos is defended in four rounds.

After a month without tax payment, the Cnossos palace crumbles; the island reverts to uncolonized status — 2005-06-02.

Vilya takes control of Cnossos — 2005-06-03.

Cnossos VI — 2005-06-10, BRC takes control of Cnossos in four rounds, facing only a small defense force from Vilya. The blockade is sinking.

BRC cedes the island to Sexi Stars Flag — 2005-07-13.

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