Eieio Island of Ice Ocean
Large island in Nenya Archipelago
Controlled by Arctic Circle
Governed by Nazdar
Navy color: unknown

Eieio Island is an partially colonized large island located in the Nenya archipelago. There are three known routes from the island: Kings Island, Shatterstone Island, and Oubliette Island.

Natural Resources Edit

The island spawns sugar cane, nettle, and hemp.

Buildings Edit

The buildings on Eieio have a farming theme.

Boarding house 
MacDonald's Boarding (houses)
Commodities market 
Old Macdonald's
Moo Shine (bazaar)
The Dell
MacDonald's Mercantile (bazaar) (under construction)
The Well
Iron monger 
Hokey Pokey (bazaar)
Baa Baa Blackship (bazaar)
Homespun Yarns (bazaar)

Government Edit

Eieio is controlled by Arctic Circle.

History Edit

The island inscription reads, "This island were fashioned by Sadiekate."

Blockades Edit

Eieio I - 05 Jun 2005
Arctic Circle 3
Evil Empire of Gentoo 2

Eieio upgraded from medium to large island. (date unknown)

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