Endurance Island of Midnight Ocean
Large island in Opal Archipelago
Controlled by Lost Legion
Governed by Sanders
Navy color: White

Endurance Island is a large island in the Opal archipelago. There two known routes from the island: Orca Island and Nu Island.

Natural Resources Edit

Endurance Island has no natural resources.

Buildings Edit

The island has a full complement of bazaars, an upgraded bank, an upgraded market, an upgraded inn, an upgraded estate agent, and an upgraded palace. There are one upgraded tailor, one upgraded iron monger, two shipyards (one upgraded), one distillery, two weaveries, and two apothecaries.

Government Edit

Endurance is currently ruled by Lost Legion.

History Edit

Endurance is assigned to Goths on 2004-09-03, as part of Tedv's Grudge Match for Endurance event.

Endurance I — 2004-09-04, The White Tree event flag wins control of Endurance; the blockade board is used to hold battle rounds between two selected flags.

Endurance is ceded to Final Stand by The White Tree for winning a contest for control of the island.[1]

Endurance II — 2005-02-06, The Midnight Sun wins control of Endurance. The defenders, Final Stand, disband after the war chest is dropped but before the blockade starts.

Endurance III — 2005-03-13, After a declaration of war on Zeta Island and Endurance by the Ruby Ring flags (Looterati, Silver Dawn, No Homers, and Carpe Noctem), the alt flag Scallywag Syndycate reciprocates by blockading Islay of Luthien and Jorvik Island. Notorious Fandango also drops a war chest; they win rounds 3 and 4 before facing a massive onslaught from No Homers in round 5. No Homers wins the island.

No Homers changes their name to Lost Legion, but retains control of Gaea Island and Endurance.

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