Epsilon Island of Midnight Ocean
Large island in Emerald Archipelago
Controlled by Vilya
Governed by Prometheus
Navy color: Green

Epsilon Island is a large island serving as the capital of Emerald archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Gaea Island, Guava Island, Emperor Island, and Tinga Island.

Natural Resources Edit

The island spawns sugar cane, hemp, and sincosite. These resources can be bid on at the market. The market will buy emerald gems.

Buildings Edit

Berried Treasure (bazaar)
Apothecary Now (upgraded)
Pigments of the Imagination (upgraded)
Witch's Brew (upgraded)
Peace of Eight
Commodities market 
Free Market
Barrel of Drunkies (bazaar)
The Drink of Disaster
Drink or Swim (upgraded)
Good Swill Hunting (upgraded)
Make Rum Not War (upgraded)
Tequila Mockingbird (upgraded)
Estate agent 
Raise it or Raze it
Laydowner Arms (upgraded)
Iron monger 
Sworded Affair (bazaar)
Ferrosmith (upgraded)
Occam's Razors (upgraded)
Puns of Steel (upgraded)
Steel in Business (upgraded)
Palais LeDoux
No Hulls Barred (bazaar)
Boatanical Gardens (upgraded)
Just Frigate It (upgraded)
Sail and Return
Sloopless in Seabattle (upgraded)
Robed at Needlepoint (bazaar)
All Stitched Up (upgraded)
Clother than it Seams (upgraded)
Clothes, but no Cigar
Thread to Toe (upgraded)
Wear to Begin (upgraded)
Knots and Bolts (bazaar)
I Be Weavin' Miracles (upgraded)
Lightning Bolts
Quilt by Association (upgraded)

Government Edit

Epsilon is ruled by Vilya. Like Alpha Island, Epsilon is reserved for event blockades.

History Edit

Epsilon I — 2004-07-31, an event blockade was declared on Epsilon.[1] The war chest was lowered to one PoE. Due to technical difficulties, the blockade was moved to Gaea Island.

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