Eta Island of Midnight Ocean
Large island in Ruby Archipelago
Controlled by Silver Dawn
Governed by Crazyluigi
Navy color: Brown

Eta Island is a large island (the largest in the Midnight Ocean) located in the centre of the Ruby archipelago as its capital. Eta has direct access to Jorvik Island, Cranberry Island, Lynx Island and Islay of Luthien. Eta lies at the North of the Ruby Passage, leading down from the heart of the Ruby Archipelago via Jorvik to the Diamond metropolis of Turtle Island.

Natural Resources Edit

The island spawns large amounts of wood.

Buildings Edit

Pythagorean Serums (bazaar)
Perpetual Potions (upgraded)
Thermodyenamics (upgraded)
Eta Bank (formerly OOO Shiny) (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Eta Market
Schrodinger's Vat (bazaar)
Lassell's Moonshine
Trouble is Brewing
Estate agent 
Pieces of Eta (upgraded)
Eta at Joe's (upgraded)
Iron monger 
Bohr's Ores (bazaar)
Acute Irony
Bucky Balls (upgraded)
Tesla Foils
Dawn of a New Eta (upgraded)
Constant Planck's (bazaar)
Briggin the Gap
Fast Fourier Transport
Naughty Nauticals
Runnin Sails, Free Winds
You Buy UM, We Ship UM
Feynman's Threads (bazaar)
Kelvin Klein (upgraded)
Lab Coats (upgraded)
Turing's Turbans
Watt Eta Ye Needle
Volt's Bolts (bazaar)
String Theory (upgraded)

Government Edit

Eta is currently ruled by Silver Dawn.

History Edit

Eta I - 2005-7-24, Eta Island was first blockaded by Silver Dawn. The blockade was won in 7 rounds (out of a possible 12) against the strongest Vilya defense fleet yet shown. AtteSmythe was installed as governor and the majority of buildings currently on the island were built.

2004-11-26 (approx.) Quiglin appointed governor of Eta.

Eta II - 2004-11-9, Eta was blockaded by Silver Dusk, an alt flag run by Robertdonald of the Scallywag Syndicate. Rather than mount a traditional defense Silver Dawn made use of the Jyn exploit by dropping a warchest on itself with its own alt flag Merciless Exploit of War (MEOW). By declaring war against its own alt flag Eta II became a sinking blockade. Silver Dawn placed their blockade fleet Silver Armada in MEOW. With Silver Dawn's fleet, MEOW won the blockade. The governor position was returned to Silver Dawn immediately though MEOW continued to hold the island.

2005-02-19 (approx.) Crazyluigi appointed governor of Eta.

Eta III - 2005-5-1, Scallywag Syndicate used an alt flag, Scallywag Syndycate to blockade Eta Island. Scallywag Syndycate was victorious and installed Jacktheblack as governor. To partially recoup some of the cost of blockading the island, Jacktheblack built and auctioned off two shipyards; Briggin the Gap and Naughty Nauticals.

Eta IV - 2005-5-8, Silver Dawn retook the island of Eta from Scallywag Syndycate, winning 3 rounds out of 4. Crazyluigi was reinstalled as governor.

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