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Ethel is a fleet officer of the crew Legally Drunk and a member of the flag Independent Flag on the Cerulean Ocean.

Biography Edit

Ethel started playing Puzzle Pirates in August of 2005. Her first crew was Salty Pawz whose captain was Saltylady. This crew was under the flag The Long Wolf whose king was Thelonewolf.

Salty Pawz changed names after a few months to the Gray Wolves. Although Ethel loved all the crew mates she still wasn’t happy. So she joined the crew The Dark Lords who’s Captain is Rattler. Dark Lords was under the flag The Dark Empire.

While she was in The Dark Lords she fell in love with Timmothy, who was in the same crew. Later down the road Timmothy left that crew and made his own crew. After a few months Ethel left The Dark Lords to be with Timmothy in the crew F.W.S. That crew was in many different flags. The last of them was Dies Irea, whose king was Vova. Soon after Ethel and Timmothy were married. Though they are not together today they are and will always remain friends.

Timmothy left the crew and made Zike the captain of F.W.S., which soon merged with Patima in the crew of Dynamic Duo which was under the same flag. After the Ex-members of F.W.S wanted their own crew once again. So Zike left and made the crew Storm Chasers, which Ethel very soon after he made it she joined. The crew joined the flag of the Peacekeepers whose queen of was Angelisa. Ethel is now a princess of the flag. Though she has been in a lot of crews and flags, she has made a lot of friends. They all love her very much but now she has a family in the flag of the Peacekeepers. Later Ethel was in Storm Chasers but under the flag of Thunderhead where Zike is the King and Ethel is a princess of this flag. Her most beloved friend is Oppenheim but Ethel loves all her crew mates and hearties ♥ And her shinning star is Tsorak ♥

Ethel’s favorite puzzle is Bilging. She owned Tinting Ain't Easy on Guava Island and owned an ironworking stall on Ostreum and was a manager at Pamela’s Weaving Stall on Wrasse Island.

Ship Edit

Ethel is the owner of the following renamed ship:

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  • First-Class Lady