Important The subject of this article is obsolete and no longer present in the game.
Information presented here may no longer apply to the current game. It is retained primarily for historical interest.
Fintan Island
Favicon Fintan Island on the Cobalt Ocean
Large island in the Onyx Archipelago
Fintan Island (Cobalt)

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Controlled by   In Love and War
Governed by   Cobaltian
Navy color   Grey
Information about this island's pets is currently unknown.
Outpost Medium Large
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Uncolonized Map icon out Map icon med Map icon lg
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Fintan Island is a large island located in the Onyx Archipelago. There are three known routes from the island: Tigerleaf Mountain, Cormorant Island, and Cabo de Hornos.

Natural Resources Edit

This island spawns iron, nettle, and sugar cane.

Buildings Edit

Airmid's Cauldron (bazaar)
Irish Whisk (upgraded)
Pot O' Gold Potions (upgraded)
Four Treasures (trading post)
Missions by Macha (explorers' hall)
End of the Rainbow (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Achill Acquisitions (upgraded)
Sille's Still (bazaar)
Fintan Fine Fluids (upgraded)
Lanigan's Highball (upgraded)
Morrigan's Malts
Tier nah Grog (upgraded)
Estate agent 
Ogham Origins (upgraded)
Dagda's Furnishing Stores (bazaar)
Crann Bethadh (upgraded)
Irish Box Springs (upgraded)
Ard na Mara (left-facing estate)
Blarney Bungalow (right-facing bungalow)
Brigit's Wellhouse (left-facing townhouse)
Cliodhna's Cabin (left-facing cabin)
Craic House (right-facing row house)
Hibernian Homes (left-facing manor)
Manannansion (left-facing mansion)
Newgrange Villa (left-facing villa)
O'Malleys Bordello (right-facing pirate hall)
Shamrock Shack (right-facing shack)
Finnabar's Finest (upgraded)
Iron monger 
Goibnius' Fire (bazaar)
Irish Steel (upgraded)
Irish Swords (upgraded)
Shillelagh Soldiers (upgraded)
The Blarney Throne (upgraded)
Floatin' to Moytura (bazaar)
Blazing Sails (upgraded)
Cloverleaf Sails (upgraded)
Erin Go Brig (upgraded)
Lucky Charts (upgraded)
Muirgen Longa (upgraded)
Shippin' the Flood (upgraded)
Son of a Ship (upgraded)
Kiltic Threads (bazaar)
Aine's Limerick Laces (upgraded)
Fintan Couture (upgraded)
McRags (upgraded)
Rumpeled Kiltskins (upgraded)
Druinenechs Figte (bazaar)
Leprechaun Linens (upgraded)
Spinning Wheel
Tour Elura Loom (upgraded)
Tuime Time (upgraded
Dusted buildings
Gaelic Clabar (upgraded tailor)
Speirling Cauldron (upgraded apothecary)
Spirits of Fintan (distillery)
Under the Troscan Sun (upgraded furnisher)
Irishkea (upgraded furnisher)
Succellus' Hammer (upgraded iron monger)
Creidhne's Crafts (shipyard)

History Edit

A rock way past the southeast swamp area near some cane, reads, "This island were fashioned by Yngvild".

In Irish mythology, Fintan the white was one of the first to settle in Ireland.[1]



Fintan I: 2006-02-26, What The Falchion took the island in an uncontested three-round sinking blockade.

Fintan II: 2007-07-08, What The Falchion defended the island against Vargas the Mad (Brigand King) with a 9 strength.

Fintan III: 2007-08-11, Static Before the Storm took the island from What The Falchion in four-round non sinking blockade.

Fintan IV: 2007-09-16, Static Before the Storm defended the island against What the Falchion's attempt to reclaim it, in a closely-fought five-round non sinking blockade.

Fintan V: 2007-01-14, Fintan was transferred to the winner, Dark Asylum, of the And one more gift from Cybr-Santa Island Give away.

Fintan VI: 2009-02-24, Fintan was transferred to the winner, Polaris, of The Ravishing of Fintan Island Give away.

Fintan VII: 2010-04-10, Full Fathom Five defeated Fishnet Stockings and Polaris in a 3-round sinking blockade.

Fintan VIII: 2011-07-30, In Love and War defeated Full Fathom Five in a 4-round sinking blockade to win Fintan.

Fintan IX: 2012-01-07, The Insane Asylum defeated In Love and War in a five round sinking blockade to win Fintan.

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