Important The subject of this article is obsolete and no longer present in the game.
Information presented here may no longer apply to the current game. It is retained primarily for historical interest.
Fintan Island
Favicon Fintan Island on the Viridian Ocean
Large island in the Onyx Archipelago
Fintan Island (Viridian)

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Controlled by   Legacy
Governed by   Narci
Navy color   Grey
Information about this island's pets is currently unknown.
Outpost Medium Large
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Fintan Island is a large island located in the Onyx Archipelago. There are three known routes from the island: Tigerleaf Mountain, Cormorant Island, and Cabo de Hornos.

Natural Resources Edit

This island spawns iron, nettle, and sugar cane.

Buildings Edit

The buildings on this island are named with an Irish theme. Many of the names also make use of aliteration.

Irish Whisk Me (bazaar)
Apoth o'Gold (upgraded)
Beaches of Zeta (upgraded)
Coire Anseasc
Cuillann Concoctions (upgraded)
Loganta Druga Deilealai (upgraded)
Tuatha Tinctures (upgraded)
Whisky Potions
Bean Si's Lament (explorers' hall)
Pot o' Gold (upgraded)
Commodities market
Molly Malone Market (upgraded)
The Sacred Cauldron (bazaar)
A Drop of the Irish (upgraded)
Bailey's Booties (upgraded)
Blended and Bottled (upgraded)
Celtic Spirits (upgraded)
Cork Screw (upgraded)
Dublin Vision
Irish Cream (upgraded)
Isle of Rum (upgraded)
MacGiver's Rum Drinkers (upgraded)
Estate agent
Kiss Me, I'm Irish (upgraded)
Lucky Charms (bazaar)
Aine, Fairy Queen
Crann Bethadh (upgraded)
Fionn Furnisher (upgraded)
Taranis Tack and Timber (upgraded)
Dalkey Demesne (right-facing estate)
Erin Go Bragh (left-facing cottage)
Faoi Thri (left-facing pirate hall)
Hazelnut House (right-facing row house)
Macgoire's Manor (right-facing manor)
Maisiuil Mansions (right-facing mansion)
Oceanside Crannog (right-facing townhouse)
Shamrock Shacks (left-facing shack)
The Grogoch (upgraded)
Iron monger
Sword of Nuada (bazaar)
Brighid Blades (upgraded)
Celtic Cannons (upgraded)
Claddagh Casting
Claidh-Mhor (upgraded)
Four Leaf Cleaver (upgraded)
Gaelic Guns (upgraded)
Liathroid Thine (upgraded)
Shannara's Blade
Shannara's Edge
Shannara's Hilt
Shannara's Scabbard
Sword of Belatucadros
The Sword of Cuchulainn
The Sword of Shannara (upgraded)
Yiarneydys (upgraded)
LCMF emeralds (upgraded)
Blarney Stone (upgraded)
Celtic Knots (bazaar)
Bantry Bay (upgraded)
Briongloid sin Realtacht (upgraded)
Galway Galleons (upgraded)
Guinness Galleys (upgraded)
Manannan Masts (upgraded)
Molly of Fintan (upgraded)
The Titanic (upgraded)
Laurals and Leinte (bazaar)
Aran Apparel (upgraded)
Celtic Expressions
Cliodhna's Closest Closet (upgraded)
Danu Duds (upgraded)
Folklore's Finest (upgraded)
Gaelic Garb (upgraded)
Guinness' G-String (upgraded)
Lucky Charms Apparel (upgraded)
Michael Collins Military Wear (upgraded)
King Arthurr (upgraded)
Fiodior (bazaar)
Celtic Knot Weaving (upgraded)
Cliodhna Cloth (upgraded)
The Irish Weavers (upgraded)
Lucky Little Leprechauns (upgraded)
Dusted Buildings
Highland Weavery (upgraded weavery)
Sir Francis Beaufort Frigates (upgraded shipyard)
Irish Gold (trading post)
Gaulic Garments (upgraded tailor)
Emerald Imports (upgraded furnisher)
Balmenach (distillery)
Green with Envy (upgraded weavery)
Cead Mille Failte (upgraded tailor)
Wishing Well Wardrobe (upgraded tailor)
Emerald Isle Armory (upgraded iron monger)

Government Edit

Fintan is currently controlled by Legacy.

History Edit

A rock way past the southeast swamp area near some cane, reads, "This island were fashioned by Yngvild".

In Irish mythology, Fintan the white was one of the first to settle in Ireland. [1]


Fintan I: 2006-01-28, Pay for Play takes the island in an uncontested three-round sinking blockade.

Fintan II: 2008-03-08, Pay for Play defends the island from the attack of the Brigand King flag Jinx.

Fintan III: 2008-06-09, Sea Change takes the island in a three-round sinking blockade against Get Off My Lawn. Pay for Play did not defend.

Fintan IV: 2009-06-20, Sea Change successfully defends the island from the attack of the Brigand King flag The All-Consuming Flame in a three round sinking blockade. Azarbad the Great's forces were rated at a strength of 32.

Fintan V: 2009-11-07, Sea Change successfully defends the island from Imperial Coalition in a four round sinking blockade.

2009-11-23, Sea Change transferred Fintan Island to Post Mortem.

Fintan VI: 2010-08-01, Post Mortem successfully defends the island from What A Ride in a three round sinking blockade.

Fintan VII: 2010-08-08, Post Mortem successfully defends the island from What A Ride in a three round sinking blockade.

Fintan VIII: 2011-03-06, Post Mortem successfully defends the island from Legacy, winning 3-1.

Fintan IX: 2011-03-13, Legacy attacks again, and again Post Mortem defends 3-1.

Fintan X: 2011-03-27, After a one week break, Legacy finally succeeds in taking the island from Post Mortem, 3-1.

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