Crew Ranks
Icon captainCaptain
Icon senior officerSenior officer
Icon fleet officerFleet officer
Icon officerOfficer
Icon piratePirate
Icon cabin personCabin person
Icon jobbing pirateJobbing pirate

Fleet officer is the third-highest rank a player can have in a crew. Players are generally given the rank of fleet officer once they have subscribed or purchased a rank badge (officer or above) and proved themselves trustworthy, but the requirements for promotion differ with each crew. Fleet officers have many rights. Fleet officers can access crew holds and take charts and bid tickets on unlocked ships. Like officers, fleet officers have access to the /officer and /fofficer chat channels. Fleet officers may propose promotions and demotions which causes an issue to be posted. If the crew is democratic, fleet officers may also vote on the issue.

Fleet officers who are loyal to the crew, do well recruiting, and are generally friendly and gracious may find themselves promoted to senior officer.

Depending on a crew's booty shares, fleet officers may receive a different share than those of other ranks during booty division. You need an officer badge to gain fleet officer privileges.

Historical NotesEdit

Prior to the release of 2006-12-20, the icon was the same as the Officer icon.

Prior to the release of 2005-06-29, the rank of fleet officer did not exist.

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