Gaea Island of Midnight Ocean
Large island in Emerald Archipelago
Controlled by Lost Legion
Governed by Greasy
Navy color: Brown

Gaea Island is a large island located in the Emerald archipelago. There are two known routes from the island: Wrasse Island and Epsilon Island.

Natural Resources Edit

The island spawns sugar cane and hemp. These resources can be bid on at the market.

Buildings Edit

Vial Concoctions (bazaar)
Dye Me A River
Earth Tones (upgraded)
Loot and Laurels (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Gaea's Greens
Atlas Chugged (bazaar)
Earthly Spirits (upgraded)
Red Rum (upgraded)
Estate agent 
Earth Movers
Earth Cavern Tavern
Iron monger 
Mother Lode (bazaar)
Heavy Metal (upgraded)
Point Made
Gaea Palace (upgraded)
Berth Mother (bazaar)
Keel Haulers (upgraded)
Mast Hysteria (upgraded)
Gaean Garments (bazaar)
Off The Rock (upgraded)
Six Boots Under (upgraded)
Terran Wear (upgraded)
Picking Knits (bazaar)
Knot as it Seams (upgraded)
Royal Fabrics (upgraded)
What Looms Ahead (upgraded)

Government Edit

Gaea is currently ruled by Lost Legion.

History Edit

Gaea I — 2004-06-25, Gaea was attempted by the Mercenaries, who were soundly defeated by Vilya with the help of Imperio. Gaea I was the first blockade featuring a mercenary crew, establishing the standard of payment for blockade jobbers.

Gaea II — 2004-11-13, Gaea was taken in nine rounds by No Homers, twenty-nine weeks after it was first available for blockade.

Gaea III — 2005-02-27, Gaea was attempted by Carpe Nox, an alt flag aided by Scallywag Syndicate. Gaea was defended in three rounds. The blockade was sinking.

Gaea IV — 2005-04-23, an event blockade was declared on Gaea by Yes Homers. The attacking flag was immediately disbanded.

No Homers changed its name to Lost Legion, retaining control of Gaea. — 2005-05-26.

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