Kings Island of Ice Ocean
Outpost island in Nenya Archipelago
Controlled by Ice Imperium
Governed by Captain Cleaver
Navy color: White

Kings Island is an outpost island located in the Nenya archipelago. There are two known routes from the island: Eieio Island and Wyeth Island.

Natural Resources Edit

Kings spawns sincosite and cubanite.

Buildings Edit

There are no buildings on Kings.

Government Edit

Kings is currently unbuilt while ruled by Ice Imperium.

History Edit

A boat near the docks bears the inscription, "This island were fashioned by Akkhima."

In June 2005, Lizthegrey opened both Kings Island and Oubliette Island as practice blockade islands. Blockade requirements for outpost islands on Ice were lowered to rumored fame, five minutes notice, and a 1 PoE warchest droppable at any time. Blockades would last one round each but two were required to win, thus leaving the island perpetually in the hands of the Ringers.[1]

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