Familiars Won

Kmf was the second governor of Jorvik Island under Looterati. As a result of several blockades she eventually became governor two more times. She believes she is both the most successful and least successful governor of Jorvik, having also lost the island three times.

Prior to her election to the governor post kmf had acted as the Looterati Chancellor, managing the flag's substantial commercial holdings and the impressive war fleet. Kmf was a proud member of the crew Far Too Jolly Rogers until it merged with two other Looterati crews The Yo-Ho Yo-Yos and the Day Traders into a new crew called Looterati. She was married both in game and out to Barnie.

Kmf finally achieved her goal of familiar ownership after five years of game play when she purchased a tan octopus which she called Figwit. She is currently serving as a princess of Looterati.

Achievements Edit

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