Kraken's blood
Raw goods
Krakens blood
Mass: 1 kg Volume: 1 L
Obtained from: player sellers or brigands.
Used by: Weaveries, Apothecaries
End products: Cloth, Paint

Kraken's blood (KB, or simply blood) is a special dye used for making black items. It can be pillaged from high-level brigands and barbarians, purchased from other players or merchant brigands, making it (and black items) rare and expensive.

German article: Krakenblut

Spawn Locations Edit

Unlike regular commodities, Kraken's blood cannot be bid for at a commodities market. It is spawned by both brigands and barbarians, most often imperial ranked. Kraken's blood can be won from players who are moving it (or who have previously won it in a sea battle) in PvP battles. It is rare to win more than one unit in a single battle. Kraken's blood can be won from brigands in Navy missions, but the player will not receive the Kraken's blood at the end of the mission.

Use Edit

Kraken's blood is needed for the production of:

Apothecary products

Trophies Edit

Spoiler warning: Details about trophies are hidden below.

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