A league is the distance between two league points. Because the ocean uses an offset grid for league points, the distance between two adjacent points depends on the direction of travel. Depending on how many leagues a ship or crew travels, certain voyages take much longer than others on the various routes that can be navigated. Sailing from island to island can especially take a long time when pillaging with PvP sea battles.

Duty report

A Duty Report

Diagonal travel is shorter than horizontal travel. There is no way to travel vertically.

Your performance in the duty report is judged based on your achievement in a specific puzzle between two league points. Once a league point is reached, all previous performances are erased—but the puzzles do not reset, meaning that it is still easier to score higher the further you travel.

For navy missions, your pay is directly linked to your performance between each adjacent league points, though paid once the ship reaches port. Opposite to when the voyage configuration Trading is used, where each pirate gets paid at every league point.

Bilge rises normally, with a speed relative to carpentry damage, whether the ship is asail or stopped at a league point. While stopped, the ship slowly loses velocity as shown by the speed meter.

An officer or above is required to command a ship to leave a league point and start traveling. However, the officer may leave the ship, and it will continue sailing to the next league point.

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