Prime Minister 
Crystalclaws of British Sea Power
Member Crews 
Far Too Jolly Rogers, Cult of the Red Mantis, Day Traders, The Nameless Corsairs, The Yo-Ho Yo-Yos, Kamikaze Guppies, Dastardly Deviant Devils, British Sea Power, Rowdy Rude Ruby Wenches, Looterarmy, Rumour Has It, Whispering Death, Iberian Interrogative, In Conquest Born.
Island Holdings 
Silver Dawn, Lost Legion, Carpe Noctem, Widows and Orphans, PvP Pirates, The Uprising, Ruby Ring, Klingon Empire

Current July 5, 2005

Looterati facts and/or fiction:

  • Founded at the start of Midnight by Beta crews (many formerly Opulence), led by Spinn.
  • Got substance to go with its style when the Cult of the Red Mantis joined shortly thereafter. Harr!
  • Ran the first event in Midnight.
  • Loves long walks on stony outcroppings under skellified skies with its allies.
  • If Looterati was a fruit, it would be a pear.
  • Inspires love among its friends, jealousy among its enemies, and ambivalence among everyone else.

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