Greasy of The Imperial Fists
Member Crews 
Knights of the Republic, Tears of Vengeance,Team Strike Force, Moose Overboard, The Imperial Fists, Rum and Blood D'Oh,
Island Holdings 
Gaea Island & Endurance Island
Looterati, Silver Dawn, Avalon, Northern Lights, The Uprising

History Edit

Lost Legion was known by the name No Homers until May 2005. It was originally founded by Greasy and Spuz, of the Flying Hellfish, at the start of Midnight Ocean. Rum and Blood D'Oh was the first crew to join, followed not long after by the Knights of Sloth and then the Diamond Dogs. There have been many crews swaps and name changes since then. Lost Legion originally tried for the Islay of Luthien, against Carpe Noctem and Ruby Phoenix, but was unsuccessful in this bid for island ownership. They colonised Gaea Island in the Emerald Archipelago late 2004, Endurance Island a few months after that. The No Homers merged with Knights of the Republic in May 2005 to form Lost Legion.

Previous monarchs Edit

Greasy, Siciliana, Longshotz

Royalty Edit

  • Greasy of 'The Imperial Fists'
  • Karpion of 'The Imperial Fists'
  • Minalesca of 'Tears of Vengeance'
  • Sanders of 'Knights of the Republic'
  • Spoppy of 'The Imperial Fists'

Titled Members Edit

  • Bluehead of 'The Imperial Fists'
  • Cadavereye of 'Moose Overboard'
  • Catboy of 'The Imperial Fists'
  • Gwiaven of 'Knights of the Republic'
  • Kstegs of 'The Imperial Fists'
  • Reverie of 'Knights of the Republic'

External links Edit

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