Luckylad is a senior officer in the crew Midnight Phantom in the flag Phantom's Realm on the Cerulean Ocean. As of the 10th of March 2012 Luckylad no longer sails the oceans.

Previous appointments Edit


  • Memorised the Midnight Ocean finally finishing on 22 August 2009.

Biography Cerulean (Midnight) Edit

It is generally not note-worthy and certainly not worth remembering that Luckylad washed up on the shores of Jorvik Island in the spring of 2007. He joined Alere flammam Veritatis, a newly-created crew, which joined the flag Cold Fire when they could. AFV continued with them until October 2007 when some differences of opinion and direction caused problems within the flag. So Veracious Tenacity was born as a flag. In December 2009 he created his own crew after parting ways with the crew and flag he helped create. Some days later he joined Bedlam after an impromptu invite from an old hearty Rhodanite. His latest move is to join another old hearty Umande in the crew Midnight Phantom.


He successfully ran his own ironworking, weavery and tailor stall and has actively managed other stalls for hearties although he gave up his chain of stalls to retire.


Won by Luckylad on Dec 25th, 2008 in Festival of Lights!
Item box unequip

Old rockers and rock'n'roll rules. Happy Christmas my mate from Biker
Item box unequip
Colors-trinket-Snow globe
Luckylad placed 1st in Survey Says... March 7, 2009 and won this lovely trinket!
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Renamed Ships Edit

Sloop dock
  • Miserable Git
Cutter dock
  • Treasure Droppers

Treasure droppers was won in a blockade raffle in 2008 and presented to Luckylad by Feylind.

Biography Meridian (Viridian) Edit

After a couple of years of hearing rumours of other oceans to be pillaged 'Lucky' weighed anchor and set sail for Viridian to meet up with Imamy who was the captain of an established crew, Freezing Hot which, with open arms and certainly (almost) no threats, allowed him to join as a pirate. Later, in an amicable split, he joined the crew Pirates of Dutch Harbor flying the flag Antheas previously of the flag Odin's Arms.