A manager of a shoppe, a stall, or a house is someone who assists the owner in managing the shoppe, stall, or house. (A manager in a house is called a roommate.) Only the owner may add or remove managers. Potential managers must be logged in at the time an owner wishes to add them (this prevents an owner from adding his or her own alts as managers).

Managers are listed in the shoppe panel (called the "house panel" in the case of a house). Roommates in a pirate hall are not listed. However, they are already known, since they are automatically the monarch and royals (in the case of a flag hall), or the captain and senior officers (in the case of a crew hall).

Managers have full power to administer the shoppe/stall/house. They have access to anything and everything in there, including any commodities in the hold, any PoE stored in the coffer or in chests, and any other items stored in storage furniture (including familiars). Owners should therefore pick only highly trusted players as managers. (A random person approaching you asking to be a manager of your shoppe or stall should be turned away.)

Managers cannot, however, steal furniture placed within the shoppe/stall/house. If a manager tries to steal furniture belonging to the owner (or to another manager), that furniture item will merely be sent back to its owner's inventory.

Being a manager is often used for having a common storage place among multiple pirates, often within the same crew or flag.

How many managers? Edit

There are limits to the number of managers for shoppes and stalls:

  • Shoppe (biggest) - 5 Managers
  • Deluxe stall; fort; palace; all attractions - 2 Managers
  • Medium stall - 1 Manager
  • Small stall (smallest) - 0 Managers

There are also limits to the number of roommates for houses:

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