Nemo does various pretty artwork for the game and is the head honcho of island-related aesthetic issues, such as when buildings are allowed to be closer to the docks.(verify)

The name Nemo originates from that of a submarine captain in Jules Verne's books, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and Mysterious Island.

Historical Note Edit

Nemo was the main witch hunter and rallied an army against Artemis during the witch hunt incident[1]

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "What did you do? You're the cute little Fatpants! You're the Bugbear! You're the Chubby Buggy! Look at those cheeks! You are the Chunkamunk! Chubbabubba!"[2]
  • "You should have seen the first pass at the male rag pants. Add some rollerskates and I would have had terrifying Miami beach memories."[3]
  • "Just looking for clarification: we rank above children and television?"[4]
  • "Nemo couldn't code himself a paper bag, or any exit therefrom."[5]
  • "Have you not been introduced? Preacher, meet The Converted."[6]

Avatars Edit


The following artwork has been drawn by Nemo.

T-Shirts Edit

In 2005, Nemo designed various t-shirt options that were voted on in the forums.[7]

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