Nu Island of Midnight Ocean
Large island in Opal Archipelago
Controlled by Epic
Governed by Lorry
Navy color: Yellow

Nu Island is a large island in the Opal archipelago. There four known routes from the island: Orca Island, Norse Island, Oseberg Island, and Endurance Island.

Natural Resources Edit

Nu Island spawns sugar cane, hemp, and nettle. They can be bid at the market.

Buildings Edit

The island has a full complement of bazaars, a bank, an upgraded market, an upgraded inn, an upgraded estate agent, and an upgraded palace. There are one upgraded tailor, one upgraded iron monger, two shipyards, one upgraded distillery, two upgraded weaveries, and one upgraded apothecary.

Government Edit

Nu is currently ruled by Epic.

History Edit

Nu I — 2004-09-25, Epic wins control of Nu in seven rounds, besting the second contender The Pirate Mafia.

Nu II — 2004-10-02, Saga (an alt flag led by an alt of Robertdonald) drops a war chest on Nu, attempting to draw support away from allies of Carpe Noctem at Luthien I.

Nu III — 2005-01-29, Notorious Fandango's first blockade effort is met by a vastly larger opposition led by Gladiators, who assist Epic.

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