Orca Island of Midnight Ocean
Outpost island in Opal Archipelago
Controlled by DeathDrakkar
Governed by Blackrune
Navy color: Pink

Orca Island is an outpost island in the Opal archipelago. There three known routes from the island: Nu Island, Norse Island, and Endurance Island.

Natural Resources Edit

Orca Island spawns iron and tellurium. They can be bid at the fort.

Buildings Edit

The island has a fort and an iron monger.

Government Edit

Orca is currently ruled by DeathDrakkar.

History Edit

Orca I — 2004-08-07, Orca was colonized first by Widows and Orphans.

Orca II — 2005-01-22, Orca was attacked by The Midnight Sun, but it was defended in three rounds.

Orca was ceded to Deathdrakkar on 2005-01-26.

Orca III — 2005-02-19, Orca was defended from Fusion in three rounds.

Orca was ceded to Epic on 2005-04-07.

Orca was ceded to DeathDrakkar on 2005-06-24.

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