Ostreum Island of Midnight Ocean
Medium island in Pearl Archipelago
Controlled by Superlemon Krakatoa
Governed by Clawsofdoom
Navy color: Aqua

Ostreum is a medium island located in the Pearl archipelago. There are two known routes from the island: Zeta Island and an inter-archipelago route to Wrasse Island in the Emerald archipelago.

Natural Resources Edit

The island spawns iron and iris root. These resources can be bid on at the fort.

Buildings Edit

Ostreum has a fort which serves as a market. Distillery, shipyard, and iron monger bazaars have been built.

Government Edit

Ostreum is currently ruled by Superlemon Krakatoa.

History Edit

Ostreum I — 2004-08-08, Ragnarok won the first blockade of Ostreum. The blockade was sinking, but uncontested.

Ostreum II — 2005-02-26, Black Sheep Brigade dropped a chest on Ostreum. Notorious Fandango dropped a chest during the middle of round 2, winning rounds 3 and 4, but losing round 5. Notorious Fandango also finished with more points than other faction in round 2, but game mechanics prevented them from being listed as a contender until round 3. Thus, Ragnarok won rounds 2 and 5 and successfully defended the island.

Ostreum III — 2005-07-02, Phoenix Reborn took control of Ostreum in three rounds. Blades N' Roses dropped a war chest during round 1.

2005-7-04 — Ostreum is converted from an outpost to a medium island.

Ostreum IV — 2005-07-17, Overwhelming jobber support for Superlemon Krakatoa, coupled with a smaller showing from Phoenix Reborn, helps Superlemon Krakatoa take Ostreum. Phoenix Reborn did not contend round 3.

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