Paint Brush
Paint brush
Obtained from Apothecaries
Doubloon cost: 0

A paint brush is required to paint a building or a ship. Paint brushes are extremely cheap and only last about seven login days.

Use Edit

To use a paint brush, you must be the owner or a manager of the building or ship you wish to paint. The paint brush can be found under the "Miscellaneous" section of the Booty panel. Clicking on the paint brush and selecting "Paint" will bring up a window allowing you to preview your new ship or building painted with any of the color combinations possible. To finish painting, choose the "Paint" option on the preview window.

If you do not have enough paint in your hold, then you will be given the option to buy the necessary amount from the dockside at the lowest prices available on the island. If there is not enough paint available between the hold and the dockside, the "Paint" button will be greyed out. The button will also be greyed out if the color selected is the current color.

Historical Notes Edit

Prior to release 2005-07-12, you were required to have the paint in your hold. The automated dockside purchase was unavailable.

Recipe Edit

Paint brush

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