Papaya Island of Midnight Ocean
Large island in Diamond Archipelago
Controlled by Don't Panic
Governed by Limpalong
Navy color: Yellow

Papaya Island is a large island located in the Diamond archipelago. There are three known routes from the island: Turtle Island, Byrne Island, and an inter-archipelago route to Remora Island in the Sapphire archipelago.

Natural Resources Edit

The island spawns hemp, wood, cowslip, lily of the valley, and cubanite. These resources can be bid on at the market.

Buildings Edit

Berry All Ground (bazaar)
Passion Fruit Potions
Accounts Papayable
Commodities market 
Papaya Market
Barberry Toasts (bazaar)
Banana Brewhaha
Mango Mash (upgraded)
Estate agent 
Prunedential Realty
Lime Inn the Coconut
Iron monger 
Grape Shot (bazaar)
Cherry Bombs
The Big Apple
Grapples and Oar Hinges (bazaar)
Strawberry Keels Forever (upgraded)
Fashion Fruit (bazaar)
Applecranberry & Fitch (upgraded)
Fruit of the Loom (bazaar)

Government Edit

Papaya is currently ruled by Don't Panic.

History Edit

Papaya I — 2004-05-05, Bloody Seas (a part of the Crimson Tide alliance) and Rudder Hell contend for Papaya in a brutal twelve rounds. The two contenders both win six each, and Papaya remains unclaimed.

Papaya II — 2004-05-07, the alt flag Ayliv declares an "event blockade" on the island, but during round 1, Rudder Hell drops a war chest, making themselves a contender.[1] The blockade was planned to be non-sinking (even though Papaya was an uncolonized island), but that did not happen. The blockade was abandoned by the contenders, leaving it uncolonized. Afterwards, Papaya was taken off the list of blockadeable islands for "a little bit"[2]; it reopened 2004-11-05.

Papaya III — 2004-11-06, in a relatively uncontested blockade, Don't Panic takes Papaya in nine rounds. Pennsuedo, the former head of Rudder Hell, led the defense of Papaya; they won two rounds.

Papaya IV — 2005-06-18, Don't Panic defends Papaya in three rounds, defeating Unity.

Papaya V — 2005-07-09, In a closely contested sinking blockade, Don't Panic narrowly defends Papaya from Unity in five rounds.

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