Plank is a command that will force a player to leave a game scene (walk the plank). When a player is forced to walk the plank they will be ejected from the ship or building and placed on either the docks of their home island (if planked from a ship) or the docks of the island they are presently located (if planked from a building). Only players that hold the rank of officer or above can plank players, and only on their own crew's ships; owners and managers of buildings can plank players from the buildings they own or manage. If a ship is locked, only the owner of that ship can issue the plank command.

The whole crew is notified when an officer has forced a player to walk the plank on a ship. The notice includes the name of the player who walked the plank along with the player who issued the command.

Players are often planked for:

  • Lazing about excessively
  • Not following orders from a commanding officer
  • Spamming
  • Disconnecting
  • Foul language
  • Boarding a crew ship without asking permission. (This varies from crew to crew. Some crews/officers don't do this at all, others plank anyone who boards without asking permission immediately.)
  • For entertainment purposes/joking around. (One should be certain that the receiving pirate will find the /plank-ing amusing before using /plank in this manner.)

Also, some crews may expect an officer who uses the /plank command to say why they used the /plank command on the /crew or /officer channel. (e.g., If a jobber has been causing problems on your ship, they may want to know this so that they can avoid jobbing that pirate on their pillages or to help answer questions from the rest of the crew or the jobber if need be.)

/plank <player name>
Example: /plank Undertow

Historical Notes Edit

Before release 2005-07-08, the command for planking players from buildings was /eject. The /eject command was introduced with release 2005-06-29.

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