Important The subject of this article is obsolete and no longer present in the game.
Information presented here may no longer apply to the current game. It is retained primarily for historical interest.
Polaris Point
Favicon Polaris Point on the Viridian Ocean
Outpost island in the Onyx Archipelago
Polaris Point (Viridian)

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Controlled by   Heisenberg's Uncertainty
Governed by   Warchest
Navy color   Green
This island has no pets on it.
Outpost Medium Large
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Polaris Point is an outpost island located in the Onyx Archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Ansel Island, Labyrinth Moors, Garden Cradle, and Sapling Island.

Natural Resources Edit

This island spawns pokeweed berries.

Buildings Edit

Star of Arcady
Iron Monger 
Shooting Stars
Dusted buildings 
Bouncy Brews (Distillery)
Bouncy Balls (iron monger)
Get Off My Island (iron monger)
Needles and Pins (tailor)
Polaris Pint (distillery)

Government Edit

Polaris Point is currently governed by Warchest, of Heisenberg's Uncertainty.

Former governors include Aartje, Xeni, Joshuawhelan, Captainben,Nayfin, Crazyfists, Senoirfroggy, Ogjay , Treehugs, Proof, and Qvintus.

History Edit

An inscription on the small island to the south of the mainland reads, "This island were fashioned by Rubby."

Blockade HistoryEdit

Polaris I, 2006-7-15 - Brotherhood w-o Banners colonised the island in a three-round sinking blockade, defeating Regnum Irae in the process.

Polaris II, 2006-10-15 - Pay for Play took the island from Brotherhood w-o Banners in a three-round sinking blockade, defeating Vanguard in the process. The blockade was only made sinking due to an outstanding war between Brotherhood w-o Banners and Vanguard - the Brotherhood did not reciprocate Pay for Play's declaration.

Polaris III, 2007-10-6 - Pay for Play successfully defended the island against the Brigand King flag Black Veil in a four-round sinking blockade.

On 2008-3-3, Pay for Play transferred the island to Sailor's Delight.

Polaris IV, 2009-7-5 - Get Off My Lawn defeated Sailor's Delight to take the Island.

Polaris V, 2009-9-19 - Get Off My Lawn successfully defended against Everchanging.

Polaris VI, 2009-11-15 - Get Off My Lawn successfully defended against The Dark Side.

Polaris VII, 2009-11-21 - Funky Town defeated Get Off My Lawn to take the Island.

Polaris VIII, 2009-12-6 - What A Ride defeated Funky Town to take the Island.

Polaris IX, 2010-2-14 - Black Veil defeated What a Ride to take the Island.

Polaris X, 2010-2-20 - Inebriation defeated Black Veil to take the Island.

Polaris XI, 2010-2-27 - Inebriation successfully defended against The Wrath of Armageddon.

Polaris XII, 2010-3-13 - Veritas vos Liberabit defeated Inebriation to take the Island in a four-round blockade.

On 2010-5-5, Veritas vos Liberabit disbanded, leaving Polaris Point uncolonized.

Polaris XIII, 2010-5-8 - South of Sanity won the island after fighting The Poker Stars Kingdom and Apple Core for it in a 3 round sinking blockade.

Polaris XIV, 2010-5-16 - South of Sanity successfuly defended from Jinx.

Polaris XV, 2010-6-4 - Awakened Death successfuly took the island from South of Sanity in a 3 round non-sinking blockade.

Polaris XVI, 2010-6-10 - Awakened Death successfully defending Polaris Point from Endured Destruction in a 3 round non-sinking blockade.

Polaris XVII, 2010-6-18 - Riddlemakers successfully took the island from Awakened Death in a 3 round non-sinking blockade.

Polaris XVIII, 2011-1-15 - Legacy took the island from Infierno De los Diablos in 3 rounds with the lowest pay in the history of Viridian blockades.

On 2011-3-5, Legacy gave away the island in a 17 flag sloop event, with different modes of scoring used for each round. Pillars of Confidence was the winner.

Polaris XIX, 2011-4-16 - Pillars of Confidence successfully defended Polaris Point from Devils advocates

Polaris XXIV - 2011-09-25, Legacy captured Polaris Point from Heisenberg's Uncertainty in a four round non-sinking blockade.

Polaris XXV - 2011-10-10, Legacy lost Polaris Point to Heisenberg's Uncertainty in a three round non-sinking flag-sit.

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