Remora Island of Midnight Ocean
Outpost island in Sapphire Archipelago
Controlled by Dark Judgement
Governed by Onelove
Navy color: Orange

Remora Island is an outpost island in the Sapphire archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Beta Island, The Horseshoe Crabs, and interarch routes to Byrne Island and Papaya Island in the Diamond Archipelago.

Natural Resources Edit

The island spawns pokeweed berries and iris root. They can be bid at the fort.

Buildings Edit

Fort Narthex

Government Edit

Remora is controlled by Dark Judgement.

History Edit

Remora I — 2004-08-28, Widows and Orphans vies for Remora, but is thwarted by a massive defense comprised heavily of Crimson Tide.

Remora II — 2004-09-15, Blood Eagles wins Remora in twelve rounds. Five rounds were won by the defender. A second contender, Heros of Midnight, did not win any rounds.

Remora III — 2004-10-24, Allied Foundation wins control of Remora in seven rounds; it was the first time a player-controlled island was taken.

Remora IV — 2005-02-06, Notorious Fandango declares a blockade but loses in three rounds.

Remora V — 2005-04-16, Death Before Dishonor wins a sinking blockade for control of Remora in three rounds.

Death Before Dishonor changed its name to Disturbing the Peace, retaining control of Remora. (Date is approximately 2005-05-16)

Disturbing the Peace disbanded. Dark Judgement took control of Remora.

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