Rum sickness in a swordfight

When a ship at sea runs out of rum, the crew aboard becomes rum sick. When pirate are rum sick, their efficiency in duty puzzles drops. Sea battle swordfights and rumble battles are also affected by rum sickness.

When puzzling at a duty station, the performance indicator and the duty report scores will still be the same as before. But a given puzzle score will contribute less to the welfare of the ship than before.

For swordfighting, indestructible rum jugs will line both of the outer most columns of the players' puzzles, shrinking their playing field in a swordfight.

For rumbling, the fists will shake, making it more difficult to aim. Further, the balls will automatically launch more often than normal if the player does not fire them.

Players on the ship will be warned that they have become rum sick with messages appearing on the screen at regular intervals while sailing, and with an alert message before the sword fight or rumble. You will also receive messages after you receive more rum, duty puzzle performance will not be completely normal until these messages end.

The messages sent to the vessel when you run out of rum are:

  • "There be no rum left on this vessel! The crew starts to grumble."
  • "Mumbles of mutiny can be heard between the cursing for the lack o' rum."
  • "With shaking hands and pounding skulls, the crew struggles to keep her on course."

When the vessel re-aquires rum the following messages are displayed:

  • "The crew looks a bit livelier after a tug off that bottle."

When the pirates have completely recovered, the following message is displayed:

  • "The crew has recovered the color in their faces and the spring in their steps. Whistlin' can be heard as they merrily go about their duties."

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