Sea Monsters are one aspect of Atlantis outposts and come in three different varieties:

The Triketos is the most common Atlantean sea monster. It likes to ram vessels with its nasty trident and shoot arrows at its opponents. When it dies, its corpse leaves behind a certain magic that, when a ship runs over it, will partially heal the ship. Essentially ignored by most War Frigate captains, Triketos are nearly harmless to them. The Triketos' ram move, which is similar to a ship using a double forward maneuver, can be harmful towards War Brig and smaller ship classes. If all the Triketos escorting an Archelon or a Gorgonyx are killed off, the bigger monster will almost always retreat. Avoiding killing the Triketos if you wish to kill the bigger monster, or killing them off forcing the bigger monster to leave are both viable tactics that should be added to any Atlantis explorer's notebook.
The Gorgonyx is a strong attacking monster; it can ram a vessel with its shell and shoot arrows at a predator. Shooting the equivalent of double medium cannon balls, their most dangerous attack is the "super-ram", a double forward attack that deals up to 40% of a War Frigate's health per hit. A Gorgonyx will also drop boarders on a ship in an adjacent tile, though not as many as an Archelon.
The Archelon can ensnare a ship in a net, costing it moves and sailing tokens. It also has the best treasure haul rewards of the three sea monsters. The biggest risk of an Archelon is the dragoons they drop aboard nearby ships. A single Archelon's drop is difficult to fray and defeat; two Archelons or more can and will easily ship-wide fray an unwary War Frigate that tangles with them too long.

The 'double forward' maneuver of Triketos and Gorgonyx monsters differs from the similar move available to ordinary ships in two ways: firstly, it will push any ship type, even a Grand Frigate (or monsters of higher class including Archelons); and secondly, the monster will not take ram damage if it uses its double forward.

Of these, the Sea Monsters strength alters from Scout, Light, Heavy, and Elite, which prefix the name of the Monster. The difficulty of the Monster can also be determined by the color on the Monsters back: light blue(above) for Scout, dark blue for Light, red for Heavy and black for Elite. The farther into the board you go, the more intelligent the Sea Monsters become. Difficulty does not affect the damage required to sink a monster, but it affects or appears to affect move generation, AI level, repair rate and the number of Dragoons dropped by a Gorgonyx or Archelon.

All sea monster encounters are sinking.

Approximate damage required to sink Edit

Cannon Balls Small Cannon Balls Medium Cannon Balls Large Cannon Balls
12 8 6
24 16 12
50 33.33 25

You may need to give or take a couple of shots due to healing. Atlantis monsters heal fairly rapidly, faster as their rating (scout, light etc.) increases. To sink a trike in 1 turn it requires 6 shots. All bigger monsters require at least 2 turns to sink for a single War Frigate and as such their "health" is affected by repair rates.

Trophies Edit

Spoiler warning: Details about trophies are hidden below.

History Edit

  • Sea monsters were implemented on production oceans on September 4th, 2007.
  • Sea Monster names were changed from Narwhal, Nautilus and Turtle to Triketos, Gorgonyx and Archelon respectively with an ice release, on August 31st, 2007.
  • Implemented on the Ice Ocean on August 16th, 2007.[1]

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