Shatterstone Island of Ice Ocean
Large island in Nenya Archipelago
Controlled by Ice Imperium
Governed by Peghead
Navy color: Yellow

Shatterstone Island is a large island located in the Nenya archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Eieio Island, Wyeth Island, an inter-archipelago route to Fort Royal, and an inter-archipelago route to Cold Spring Island. All new players on Ice spawn on Shatterstone.

Natural Resources Edit

Shatterstone spawns cowslip, iron, and thorianite. These resources can be bid on at the market.

Buildings Edit

Ethereal Enterprises (bazaar)
Boarding house 
Bored on Board with no Baud (manors)
Love Shack (shacks)
Commodities market 
Goods and Bads
Broken Spirits
Estate agent 
Faulty Towers
Arrrkea (bazaar)
Woodtop Crafters (upgraded)
Rip Roaring
Iron monger 
Twisted Metal (bazaar)
Bizarre Shipwrongs (bazaar)
Mad Hatters (bazaar)

Government Edit

Shatterstone is ruled by Ice Imperium. Currently, it is not open for blockade.

History Edit

The island inscription reads, "This island were fashioned by Hempline."

Shatterstone is the main inhabited island on the Ice Ocean. When the Ringers decided the player base on Ice was too small to support three colonized islands, all players were re-homed to Shatterstone.

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