Important The subject of this article is obsolete and no longer present in the game.
Information presented here may no longer apply to the current game. It is retained primarily for historical interest.
Stormy Fell
Viridian Ocean
Large island in the Garnet Archipelago
Stormy Fell (Viridian)

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Controlled by   RiddleMakers
Governed by   Ancho
Navy color   Grey
This island has no pets on it.
Outpost Medium Large
Colonized Map icon out col Map icon med col Map icon lg col
Uncolonized Map icon out Map icon med Map icon lg
Purchaseable chart
Map V
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Map W

Stormy Fell is a large island located in the Garnet Archipelago. There are two known routes from the island: Havoc Island and Olin's Brow.

Natural Resources Edit

This island spawns cubanite, iron, stone, and weld.

Buildings Edit

The island's building name theme is "Retro Video Games"

Bubbling Bubbles (bazaar)
Pongy Potions
Giovanni's Goods (trading post)
Mario Charts (explorers' hall)
Doubloon Smasher (upgraded)
Commodities market
Alex Bid
Do A Barrel Roll (bazaar)
Booze Hunt (upgraded)
Six Pacman (upgraded)
Estate agent
One Up (upgraded)
Final Furnisher (bazaar)
Bomberman's Bungalow (right-facing bungalow)
Castlevania (right-facing pirate hall)
Estate Invaders (left-facing estate)
Golden Shacks (right-facing shack)
Haunted Rowhouses (right-facing row house)
Koopa Cabins (right-facing cabin)
Maniac Mansion (left-facing mansion)
Snowfield Manors (right-facing manor)
Twilight Townhouses (right-facing townhouse)
Villas Of Hanoi (left-facing villa)
Innsane Asylum
Iron monger
Bob-ombs Battalion (bazaar)
Donkey Tongs (upgraded)
Metal Slugs (upgraded)
We Roll Out Balls (upgraded)
Defender Of The Crown (upgraded)
A Link To The Mast (bazaar)
Alone In The Ark (upgraded)
Virtua Lacing (bazaar)
Flash Midriffs & Wraps (upgraded)
Threads Of Rage (bazaar)

Government Edit

Stormy Fell is currently owned by RiddleMakers.

History Edit

An inscription on the weld and iron spawns next to the lone tree on the eastern cape reads, "This island were fashioned by Callistan."


In November 2011, Vargas the Mad took control of the island as part of its opening for colonization.

Stormy I, 2011-12-04: RiddleMakers defeated Knockout and the Brigand King flag The Enlightened in a four-round sinking blockade. Hunta, the monarch of RiddleMakers, became the first governor of the island as a result. Governing responsibilities were given to Anchovia who commenced placing the original structures.

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