Ajani of "No Quarter Given"
Member Crews 
No Quarter Given, Radical Dreamers, Finest Hour, Seas de Resistance, Yarrrrrr Pirates, Vast River, Army Ants, Nightwalkers, Mutiny's Grace
Island Holdings 
Angelfish Island
Crimson Tide, Lost Legion, Looterati, Midnight Armada, Avalon, Nidiata Dei Draghi, Widows and Orphans, Carpe Noctem, Elysian Fields

History Edit

The Uprising was created by King Ajani on August 3, 2004 along with his crew No Quarter Given after a brief stint with the flag Looterati. Joining No Quarter Given were The Castaways from the recent split of the flag The Union, lead by Grimm, the NQG splinter crew The Red Hand led by Caesar. The Glorious Sea Lions, lead by Peax, formerly in X Marks the Spot and Rudder Revolution. Rokugan, lead by Tsuruchi, and joined by their friends Army Ants lead by Antioch and Lucinda shortly after creation. The flag has always been run as a representative democracy with each crew having an equal vote. Recently the crew Radical Dreamers joined the flag and transferred ownership of Angelfish Island under The Uprising control. The Uprising still looks forward to the day that Uxmal Island opens for their colonization.

Old crews Edit

The Castaways, The Glorious Sea Lions, Rokugan, Mare Nostrum, The Fleet of Thunder, The Asylum, The Red Hand.

Titles Edit

Monarch(s) Edit

Representatives Edit

Titled Members Edit

Titled memberships in The Uprising are given as prizes for flag contests or for recognition of spectacular deeds.

  • Annitho of 'No Quarter Given' (Given lordship for his spectacular work moving the flag's blockade fleet to Hephaestus' Forge.)
  • Ayras of 'No Quarter Given' (Given ladyship as prize for in-flag pillage competition, constant work in assisting to build up the flag.)
  • Limeysmum of 'Yarrrrrr Pirates' (Given ladyship for her work in helping to build the flag and for her service as representative.)
  • Rdaneel of 'No Quarter Given' (Given lordship as prize for in-flag pillage competition, constant work in assisting to build up the flag.)
  • Rosered of 'Yarrrrrr Pirates' (Given ladyship for her work as crew representative.)
  • Tamas of 'No Quarter Given'(Given lordship as prize for in-flag pillage competition.)

Flag Statement Edit

The Uprising started as all uprisings do. It started as a passing of a word in secrecy and confidence amongst friends and crew members, a solitary drop of water on the great expanse of the Midnight Ocean. Eventually the single drop became many, and the drops banded together on the land to form a small stream. Soon word passed of the stream and it grew yet more into a massive river, plowing through mountains and land, finding its way to the ocean. Eventually the river met its foe, the ocean, and crashed into it full force as a vast river of people raising their fists in defiance, pushing against the current shouting their name to the world. We are The Uprising!

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