Turtle Island of Midnight Ocean
Large island in Diamond Archipelago
Controlled by Fools' Paradise
Governed by Curule
Navy color: White

Turtle Island is a large island located in the Diamond archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Alpha Island, Papaya Island, Cnossos Island, and an inter-archipelago route to Jorvik Island in the Ruby archipelago.

Natural Resources Edit

The island spawns iron, wood, and stone. These resources can be bid on at the market.

Buildings Edit

The Galapagos Dyelands (bazaar)
The Doctor's Office (upgraded)
Turtle Savings and Loan (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Turtle Market
Crosby, Stills and Mash (bazaar)
Still Waters (upgraded)
Tipsy McStagger's (upgraded)
Estate agent 
Styx and Stones
The Silver Dog (upgraded)
Iron monger 
Slow Pokes (bazaar)
Axes and Alloys (upgraded)
Bang and Olafson (upgraded)
Forging Ahead (upgraded)
Shell Shot (upgraded)
Skulldaggery (upgraded)
Turtle Palace
The Tortoise and the Corsair (bazaar)
Float Yer Boat (upgraded)
Freudian Ship (upgraded)
Three Skulls Shipyard (upgraded)
Turtle Sloop (upgraded)
Sea Turtlenecks (bazaar)
Fall Fashions (upgraded)
The Old Sew and Sew (upgraded)
Two Turtle Gloves
Yertle's Girdle (upgraded)
Sew and Steady (bazaar)
Looming on the Horizon (upgraded)
Pure Fabrication
Terrain Textiles (upgraded)
Weave It To Me (upgraded)

Government Edit

Turtle is currently ruled by Fools' Paradise.

History Edit

Battle between Crimson Tide and Nyx's Scions for Turtle, CT won, gave it back to Vilya after a short time. Hades challenged the ocean to take it from it, eventually taken by Turtle's Own, Janthina installed as Governor for a long time.

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