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Typho on the Midnight Ocean is an independent pirate and is a stowaway in the Gaea Island Navy in the Emerald Archipelago.

On the Hunter Ocean, he is also known by the name of Typho and is captain and ambassador of the crew Unsaid Fortune, prince of the flag Last Resort, and is lieutenant in the Alkaid Island Navy in the Ursa Archipelago.

On the Sage Ocean, he is known by the name Darkspirit and is cabin person of the crew Tide Hunters, member of the flag League of Light, and stowaway in the Spaniel Island Navy in the Pelican Archipelago.

On the Viridian Ocean, he is known by the name Drake and is an independent pirate and is a stowaway in the Lima Island Navy in the Jade Archipelago.

Biography Edit

Typho started life on the Azure Ocean and played there until it was shut down. He moved to Midnight where he played until the first doubloon ocean "Viridian" opened. He played on the Viridian Ocean as Drake until Sage opened. He then moved there and currently plays as Darkspirit. Then he moved to Hunter when it opened and currently plays there full time.

The beginning of life on Azure Edit

Typho started life on azure in the flag stay up late. Azure was where he learned the basics of Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates. He then moved to Midnight

Life on Midnight Edit

Typho enjoyed life on Midnight until he found out that a subscription eventually ran out which was a bit of a disappointment to him. He then moved because of sheer curiosity to explore the new ocean Viridian.

Life on Viridian - a new kind of ocean Edit

Typho created the character Drake to play on Viridian. He was very pleased with this new ocean because you didn't have to pay for friends.

Sage arrives to Y!PP Edit

Typho moved to Sage as soon as he found out about it and immediately joined the crew, Tide Hunters, a crew that he felt comfortable with. He uses the name Darkspirit on Sage.

Typho meets Hunter Ocean Edit

Typho started life on Hunter as a greenie in the crew the driftwood armarda. He then joined the crew Dead mans chest and was made a lord of the flag Pirates of the caribbean, the crew Dead mans chest was in at that time. He then switched vaguely in between the crews Dynasty and Dead mans chest. Then when his good friend Padme got a crew, he joined it and was made prince of their flag. He soon became a senior officer in pride until he eventually became captain of Unsaid Fortune.