Tyr's Own, the crew, was formed on the lauch of the Midnight Ocean. It consisted of beta players from the Azure Ocean, primarily by members of Green's Wolves and The Revenge, both members of the Braindead Buccaneers flag, who controled Azure's version of Jorvik Island. In December 2003, during the Midnight shoppe auctions, Green's Wolves and The Revenge became were formed as seperate entities, spliting on good terms but different focuses. The Wolves would join Looterati, while The Revenge would join Nyx's Scions.

The two crews would rejoin, this time as Tyr's Own, the flag, along with the Fifth Fist of th'Misfits, The Phoenix Warriors, and the Serial Pillagers, in preparation to the blockade release, with the intention of procuring Jorvik Island.

To test the new blockade feature, Byrne Island and Emperor Island were opened. When, after a few hours, no one had attacked Byrne yet, the senior members of Tyr's Own dropped a war chest on Byrne. This was more to get the ball rolling then anything else. Tyr's Own was successfull in taking the island and proceeded to put up a number of buildings with Talking Heads themed names.

Unfortunately, what started as a sideshow to experiment with the new blockades wound up taking a good deal of Tyr's time, and they were not in a position to contend for Jorvik, their original goal, when it opened, and Looterati took the island. While Tyr's Own did, later, mount attacks to secure their original target island, they were unsuccessful, largely because ocean opinion was against them. As Tyr already had one island, and they were attacking an island with an already established colony of another flag, they were seen as quite the aggressors.

More blockades of Jorvik, and the battle for Turtle Island, go here.

By summer of 2004, many of the "old guard" of the flag had been playing the game for over a year, and they slowly became inactive.

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