A wager is a friendly bet between players on the outcome of a puzzle or parlor game. Players may challenge each other or Non-Player Pirates (also called NPPs or bots) to a puzzle, with Pieces of Eight and items divided up equally among the winners.

Some NPPs will accept wagers up to 26 PoE.

There is no way to wager with doubloons. Items can only be wagered in direct one-on-one challenges made through the radial menu. If an item is untradeable (i.e., the savvy hat), it may not be wagered.

Wager bansEdit

Oceanmasters are able to ban accounts from any form of wagering. However, this is complete, and permanent. It will not be reversed if you later change your mind, and it will block all wagers - challenges with just a tan bandana at stake, tournaments with an entry fee, and so on.

If you're certain that this is the step you wish to take, and that you cannot manage to control this with willpower, please petition asking for this to be activated for your account.

Wager limitsEdit

With release 2012-04-30, wager limits were introduced on parlor games and challenges. Pirates with an experience level of Solid or higher are not affected. The lower levels are limited as follows:

  • Novice: 100
  • Neophyte: 250
  • Apprentice: 500
  • Narrow: 1000
  • Broad: 5000

For Drinking and Treasure drop puzzles, experience rises much slower, and so the cutoffs are reduced by one level of experience; for example, a Novice player can wager 250, and Broad has no limit.

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