Winter Solstice of Midnight Ocean
Large island in Diamond Archipelago
Controlled by Midnight Armada
Governed by Puffnstuff
Navy color: Pink

Winter Solstice is a large island located in the Diamond archipelago. There are two known routes from the island: Oyster Island and Cnossos Island. There is also a route to Alpha Island although no charts presently exist.

Natural Resources Edit

The island spawns sugar cane, hemp, stone, and madder. These resources can be bid on at the market.

Buildings Edit

Frozen Whiskers (bazaar)
Shades of Winter
Solstice Shekels
Commodities market 
Winter Market
Beer Groggles
Chivas me Timbers (upgraded)
Rum for the Money, Two for the Snow
The Taming of the Crew
Estate agent 
Solstice Estates
Ye Imperial Pint
Iron monger 
Winter Welderland (bazaar)
Blade Runner
Cold Steel (iron monger)
Winter Palace (upgraded)
Cold Cutters (bazaar)
Frig N Cold
Ice Breakers
Crewel and Unusual Adornments (bazaar)
Hook and Eye (upgraded)
Winter Wardrobe (upgraded)
A Frayed Knot
Loom with a View (upgraded)
The Loomy Bin (upgraded)
Threading on Thin Ice (upgraded)

Although the island has distilleries and weaveries, it lacks the corresponding bazaars.

Government Edit

Winter Solstice is currently ruled by Midnight Armada.

History Edit

Winter I — 2004-05-08, Midnight Armada wins the first blockade of Winter, which was uncontested.

Winter II — 2004-06-03, Winter was used as the staging ground for the trial of Artemis; the blockade was halted after three rounds. Jobbers for Vilya, who helped Midnight Armada defend the island, received an unheard of sum of about 11,000 PoE per round. This was the last major blockade where Vilya jobbers were jobbed to the Dread Ringers crew; jobbers henceforth were jobbed to the Heroes of the Gods or Fools of the Gods crews.

Winter III — 2004-09-17, alt flags Buri Armada and Nidiata Dei Buri drop war chests on Winter, Oyster Island, and Park Island. All are easily defended.

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