Wrasse Island of Midnight Ocean
Large island in Emerald Archipelago
Controlled by Cold Steel
Governed by Rebootkid
Navy color: Grey

Wrasse Island is a large island located in the Emerald archipelago. There are three known routes from the island: Guava Island, Gaea Island, and an inter-archipelago route to Ostreum Island in the Pearl archipelago.

Natural Resources Edit

The island spawns iron, lobelia, pokeweed berries, and chalcocite. These resources can be bid on at the market.

Buildings Edit

Wrasse has four bazaars (iron monger, shipyard, distillery, and apothecary), an estate agent, a bank, a market, and a palace. There is one inn, one iron monger, one shipyard, and one distillery.

Government Edit

Wrasse is currently ruled by Cold Steel.

History Edit

Due to server problems, the blockade of Wrasse on 2004-5-01 was aborted.

Wrasse I — 2004-5-8, Cold Steel wins the original blockade of Wrasse.

Wrasse II — 2004-7-23, Pirates of Roundtable drops a war chest on Wrasse. The blockade is declared sinking and Cold Steel easily defends in seven rounds.

Wrasse III — 2005-6-25, Notorious Fandango drops a chest, but Cold Steel heavily outnumbers them and easily defends.

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